Meal Planning Monday {7/24/17}

Recipes from most of this week’s meal plan will be coming soon.  All of these are dairy free and gluten free or are easily made gluten free (like the spaghetti and pizza).

  1. Homemade GF/DF Chicken Strips
  2. Hamburgers
  3. GF Meatballs
  4. Chicken Gravy
  5. BBQ Chicken
  6. Herb Chicken from Let’s Dish (This is obviously not a chicken dish.  I use the marinade from this, minus the rosemary because my girls don’t like it, and put it on chicken. We have also made the kabobs just like the recipe and they are awesome, too!)
  7. Brown Sugar Brined Pork Chops
  8. Chicken Tacos
  9. Spaghetti
  10. Roasted Chicken
  11. Honey Sesame Chicken from Rasa Malaysia (I haven’t made this one in a while due to the sesame oil in it but my youngest can have sesame now.  I’ll be attempting to convert this one to gluten free.)
  12. Pork Chops with Country Gravy
  13. Homemade Pizza
  14. Crockpot Beef and Mushrooms

I also wanted to share a quick shopping tip that works so well for me.  As a mom, grocery shopping can be one of the most stressful things to do with our kids.  When I’m in the store with my girls, I am usually fielding questions, breaking up fights, and making sure they don’t run over anybody (please tell me this is not just my kids!).  I have so many distractions that I can’t even concentrate on my shopping list.  I forget things and have to go back to grab them.  All this does is prolong the shopping trip and everybody gets cranky.

Shopping List

I write my shopping list in multiple colors.  It may look silly but when I have all these distractions going on, I can quickly glance down and know where I was in the list.  Items are grouped together by where they are in the store so I rarely  have to go back for an item.  This has been a lifesaver for me!  What are some tricks that you use to make grocery shopping with kids a little easier?

♥- Sara


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