Meal Planning Monday {7/17/17}

Normally {Meal Planning Monday} posts will happen every two weeks or so but this week will be a little different. Meal planning is something that is so specific to each family and to each season of life.  We tend to be busier during the summer.  I cook less and we do more easy meals that I don’t plan for.

For my meal plans, I choose 14 meals.  This will generally last me two weeks with a little wiggle room.  Half way through the meals, I re-write my list with whatever meals that we have left.  This helps me keep track so that we don’t run out halfway through the week.  If we are a little short, I will add a few simple meals that generally don’t need a lot of prep time: breakfast for dinner, tacos, etc.

My last meal plan had 14 meals on it and I made extra of a few of them so I ended up with 17 meals.  We have not gone through all of these yet because it’s summer time.  We had plans for the 4th of July, we had days that we were out all day so I threw together sandwiches, and days that we went out for a late lunch and ended up snacking for dinner.

It works well for us that we can be flexible with this type of meal plan.  Our plans can sometimes change quickly so I love that I’m not tied into a rigid plan but I have one if I need it!  What is your favorite meal planning tip?

♥- Sara





One thought on “Meal Planning Monday {7/17/17}

  1. This encourages me, because I don’t meal plan! It’s usually, “I have 30 minutes to prepare something….ummm…” As crazy as our life is, I need to do this.


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